I have been in the electronic music industry long before there was such a thing.  I have been drawn to this music since I first heard T99′s Anastasia.
From the early days of rave I met a lot of great people including, Carl Cox and Liam Howlett (Prodigy)  who were probably the most pivotal people on my journey. Moby, Altern 8, N-Joi, Joey Beltram, Doc Martin, Sl2, Josh Wink and Richie Hawtin were also artists I knew and admired tremendously.  All had a massive impact on me, as did their music, and I have never waned in my devotion to this music or it’s artists. I was so inspired, that I became the first signed ‘female’ techno producer (in the US) in the early days- my singer was Terra Deva and I think she was all of 16. Unfortunately the world wasn’t ready for a girl that made 146 BPM breakbeat (and they all assumed I didn’t produce it anyway) so I moved on to magazine editor. I wrote the first US cover story on the Prodigy, features on Massive Attack, NIN, Radiohead, Moby, Richie Hawtin and traveled throughout England to cover the ‘ravescene.’

I started Americas first ‘ravezine’ called “The Underground” which was lovingly photocopied monthly and ran for about 4 years.
Features on artists like Sven Vath, Prodigy, Altern 8, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Carl Cox, Massive Attack, Portishead and many many more made the ‘zine a very iconic fixture in the early days of (the US) ravescene.

So that’s a small sampling (ha ha- listen, I used an Atari 1040 ST with probably the first instance of Cubase EVER, so ……) of my rave roots.

That’s my live PA (I’m on the keyboard)
Me with the Prodigy at their first SF show

Liam Howlett and yours truly in SF

Aphex Twin first show in SF

Robert del Naja (aka 3-D) from Massive Attack

Sara with Altern 8

Altern 8 Show Backstage
[yes,I was a proud raver and still am!]

Liam Howlett

The first night out with Coxy

Moby in SF opening for Prodigy

Sara and Simon le Bon

Josh Wink in SF

Here is my credentialing for the rest of the world:)

Owner Sara Cooper has been involved in the field of public relations for some 15 years. A five year stint as a casting director and her work as an artist manager, have taught her the complexities of creating engaging collateral that will garner her clients the most positive attention possible. Sara has been able to leverage many strategic partnerships with corporate America, bringing in lucrative sponsor dollars to film festivals, music events, festivals, gala’s, and for tour support. Sara and her team have built a solid reputation that spans both the film and music world, allowing unprecedented access to their clients and a free exchange of ideas between peers.

We believe in partnerships and growing our relationships over the long term.

5 responses to “About

  1. Sara is a pleasure to work with. Very professional, responsive, and direct. An excellent representative of the amazing artists on her press roster. Keep up the stellar work Sara!

    Drew Barton
    DJ Mag Canada

  2. Good afternoon Sara this confirms my interest and request for me to apoint you as my worldwide business manager/Dj Agent, im 1 of most respected House music Djs and producers in South Africa I’ve been a DJ for the past 21years, I need more international gigs, my style of performance and music is similar to Louie Vega,David Morales and Tony Humphreys, please lets work together and build a long term business relationship. Warm Regards Mr Bobbyjazz. Facebook:Grooveselector Mr Bobbyjazz or Bobbyjazz nogqala. Tweeter and sound cloud:Mr bobbyjazz

  3. Sara’s so quick to coordinate press requests and has been a great help on numerous occasions!

  4. Sara’s very quick to coordinate press requests and has been a great help on numerous occasions!

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